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Ralph Lauren has become a leader in premium menswear since its establishment in 1967. While starting out as an appeal to the preppy upper-class of America, the classic Polo horse logo quickly became embedded in 1980’s Hip Hop culture, propelling the brand as a style icon through to the 90s.

The Brooklyn based gang, the ‘Lo-Lifes’ adopted Ralph Lauren as their brand and by doing so, popularised the label to a broader audience and challenged the elitism of the fashion industry. The Ralph Lauren logo now represents shifts in culture and fashion and holds great historical value, forging it as one of the iconic brands of the Hip Hop scene in the 80s and 90s.

Vintage Sole carefully sources a wide variety of Ralph Lauren for our collection, spanning across the brand’s career. In today’s society, where socio-cultural shifts are deeply embedded in fashion, Ralph Lauren continues to remain relevant in contemporary trends. 

We carefully check over each item ensure it’s in the best possible preloved condition.

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