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Carhartt is one of the most renowned workwear brands, whose classic utility style clothing has found its way into modern fashion trends across the world. While starting out as practical uniforms for manual labourers in the 1890s (the original slogan being “honest value for an honest dollar”), the Hip Hop scene of the 1980’s brought the brand into fashion spotlight and eventually the mainstream.

Following Tommy Boy Record’s (a prominent record label of the era known for featuring Hip Hop and R&B artists) collaboration with Carhartt in 1989, the golden “C” logo became iconic throughout the 90’s, maintaining its prominence to this day.

The intersection of workwear, streetwear and music holds importance an important place in history as a reflection of cultural and social change. Vintage Sole’s Carhartt collection reflects the brands evolution and re-establishes its relevance in 2020. We carefully check over each item ensure it’s in the best possible preloved condition.

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