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The iconic swoosh logo has been known globally as one of the biggest sportswear brands since its inception in 1964. Nike (a word derived from the Greek Goddess of victory) was quickly apprehended by the Hip Hop scene in the 1980s, a subgenre of culture that foreshadowed many of the popular trends throughout the decades to come.

Iconic designs, such as the Air Force 1 sneakers, have immortalised Nike, being both timeless and yet incredibly reflective of the eras in which they were created.

The brand has been so deeply embedded in athletics, fashion, music and culture, making its vintage pieces so sought after today. Vintage Sole strives to collect high quality clothing and accessories from throughout Nike’s history, ensuring that the classic designs continue to influence fashion in a contemporary sphere.

We carefully check over each item ensure it’s in the best possible preloved condition.

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